Why is Taiwanese tea special?

Why is Taiwanese tea so special?

The country we call home | Let us tell you a little more about Taiwan. Unlike most of other tea producing countries, Taiwan is quite simple in the terms of tea types and unbelievably complicated in flavors and scents. Whether it’s charcoal baked teas or bug-bitten oolongs and greens, every batch of tea we carry has its unique taste. Teas can either have a wide range of flavors from floral and milky note to fruity and nutty texture. We select a beautifully curated selection of teas that are perfect for both tea amateurs and connoisseurs.

Just as French wine is different to wine from any other country, Taiwanese tea is markedly different to Chinese tea. This is mostly due to the soil in which it grows, the production techniques used, and of course the climate. - owner of The Jade Leaf, Emilio Jose Del Pozo.

Taiwans most famous teas are those that come from the mountains or more commonly known the high mountain teas. Taiwans most distinctive mountains, include Alishan, Da Yu Lin, Li Shan, Fu Shou Shan, Shan Lin Xi and Qi Lai Shan, all produce delicious high elevation tea.

Taiwan's high elevation tea growing regions are among the highest in the world. At this altitude, tea leaves are exposed to cooler temperatures and shielded from the sun by perpetual mists. This produce teas that are less bitter, have rich character that is fruity to floral, both fruity and creamy, or buttery with a long finish that lingers in the throat. This is the unique character of Taiwanese high elevation tea.

From Aki Wang - 

“People say tea is from China, but serious tea things are in Taiwan. This is something everyone knows all around the world. But the government here has not always supported local tea. To make things happen, businessmen like me need to get more involved. We need to figure out opportunities to promote Taiwanese tea. Maybe that can be working with people overseas, or opening a tea-themed bar here, or taking Taiwanese tea things to other countries.”

“Tea is just like wine and whisky. It is affected a lot by geographic location and weather. Just like French people can say wine is from France and Scottish people can say single malt whisky is from Scotland. Well we need to say this is tea from Taiwan, and we are Taiwanese.”