We believe the best teas come from the world’s very best growers. We believe that the best teas should not be hidden in local tea shops, but exposed and made accessible to both connoisseurs and tea newbies. We believe there is a tea passion in every individual, and our mission is to help you grow it.

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Esteemed stands for the truth in tea.

We're playing it fast and loose by breathing fresh life into the beverage that's long been overcomplicated, overlooked and underappreciated. We obsess over every single detail and are driven to innovate. Our approach is steeped in Eastern culture, yet filtered through the lens of modern values for both ease and transparency.  


Our journey took us to places where tea is more than just a tradition, but an enshrined way of life with a deep system of values. We believe in honoring these values through ethical practices that support the growers while respecting the environment. Through radical transparency, we aim to cultivate the trust needed for you to discover tea anew, invite the tradition into your life and make it your own.

To drive transparency in everything we do, Esteemed offers our consumer real-time product tracking. Through a batch number system, our consumers are able to obtain information about the source, timeline, and tasting profile for the tea. Our goal is to offer all information in the simplest and fastest way. 


Single-Origin teas are unique in their tastes. Unlike blends that mix different teas or from different years to maintain similar taste, single-origin teas will allow you to truly experience the diversity of teas produced in different regions.

All of our teas are sourced seasonally in limited quantity. We only select the best batch of tea at the harvesting season.

Interested in learning more about why single estate tea? Read here.