Tasting Set

Tasting Set


Best way to start your journey with Esteemed Tea Collective -

This set includes 4 individually wrapped tea bags from our signature selection: Fire Roasted Oolong / Four Seasons / Honey Black Oolong / Calming Gaba

We chose to source single origin oolong teas from Taiwan for one simple reason – they are the most traditional, complex and extraordinary teas in the world. 

With unique terroir and skillful production, they will take you on a flavourful journey of discovering all nuances of single origin teas. Whether you're a seasoned tea veterans or new and curious, this set is for you to discover the tastes of single-origin.

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Fire Roasted Oolong:Fresh flavor with a touch of roasted barley, full-bodied with a sweet long aftertaste. 

Four Seasons:Smooth & fresh, full bodied, floral. Four Seasons oolong has a special flower aroma without any bitterness. Four Seasons oolong combines the unique taste of oolong and green tea. 

Honey Black Oolong: Natural strong honey aroma with no bitterness, with boldness of black tea and depth of oolong. 

Calming Gaba:Full bodied with fruity flavor. GABA oolong promotes relaxation and helps with anxiety, stress and insomnia.