Refill Bag (12 bags)

Refill Bag (12 bags)

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Our refill bag comes in two sizes, your option to go for 12 or 50 tea bags. 

// Four Seasons // Fire Roasted Oolong // Honey Black Oolong // GABA oolong

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Four Seasons Oolong

  •  Low-grown Taiwanese oolong from Si Ji Chun native Taiwanese tea cultivar 
  • Work of the awarded tea crafter in Taiwan from Nantou
  • Also known as “spring unknown/don’t know if it’s spring” because the first growing season is in between winter and spring, before other crops and plants start growing.
  • Si Ji Chun can generally be harvested 6 times per year, giving the feeling of spring in all four seasons. This makes production volume relatively stable and tea easier to acquire.

Leaves: Green rolled shaped balls

Oxidation: low

Color: Golden Amber

Tasting notes: Smooth & fresh, full bodied, floral (orchid & Lily). Four Seasons oolong has a special flower aroma without any bitterness. The liquor is full-bodied and light. Lightly oxidized Four Seasons oolong combines the unique taste of oolong and green tea.

Mood/ benefit: Suitable to be enjoyed at all times, especially after lunch or dinner to help digestion and keep you away from food coma.

Processing: All harvesting is done in one day from the early morning till night. The bud with one young leaf and two mature leaves are harvested and left to wither in the sun then moved indoor for further oxidization.  Leaves are then pan-fried to fully stop the oxidization and being compressed and broken up repeatedly for leaves to extract the juices adequately and evenly. Finally, they are dried and rolled into tiny balls.

Honey Black Oolong

  • The best hybrid tea, unique for Taiwan.
  • Highly oxidized oolong with the characteristics of both oolong and black tea and natural sweet honey scent
  • Organically grown at the family owned estate that’s been producing artisan tea for four generations. They have been modifying and improving their tea growing and producing techniques over decades in order to maintain high quality and offer the best Taiwanese oolongs.
  • Taiwan Honey Black Oolong tea has a sweet honey like scent and light smooth flavor. This specific tea has to be grown in the most natural way, without the use of pesticides. Small tea leaf hoppers are allowed to munch on the tea leaves during growing period. This causes a chemical reaction in the leaves that generates natural honey taste and fragrance. Honey Black Oolong tea has not been added any artificial or natural flavors and scent.

Leaves: Golden red-brown, wide and slightly twisted leaves. Leaf hopper-bitten leaves are a bit yellow and curly. 

Oxidation: Very high

Color: Clear, bright red, different from the very dark brew of mass-market Indian black tea.

Tasting notes: Natural strong honey aroma with no bitterness, with boldness of black tea and depth of oolong. Taste is more delicate and elegant compared to Indian tea.

Mood/benefit: Good for warming you up in the early morning or as a dessert tea with your favorite afternoon sweets/pastries.  Honey Black Oolong is warming and invigorating, helpful for digestion, stimulating the brain activity and increasing vitality.

Processing: Processed in the same way as black tea with skipping the regular oolong processing steps of solar withering and pan-frying to allow the full fermentation. Therefore, this heavily oxidized tea has a very dark color.

Fire Roasted Oolong

  • One of a kind high mountain Taiwanese oolong
  • Lightly and lightly roasted green oolong grown at high altitudes.
  • Grown in Alishan, famous Taiwanese tea mountain. The alpine environment provides ideal climate for growing tea. Alishan teas are harvested twice a year and only the youngest leaves are picked.
  • This unique tea from Alishan is called “Alishan Pearl Dew”, describing its exceptional qualities and character. Alishan has a special terroir for growing oolong teas with smooth texture, full body and floral and milky flavors.

Leaves: Deep green rolled shaped balls

Oxidation: Low (25%)

Roasting: Light (30%)

Color: Bright yellow

Tasting notes: Fresh flavor with a touch of roasted barley, full-bodied with a sweet long aftertaste. This tea has been lightly roasted to preserve the taste and freshness. 

Mood/Benefits: A great choice after a meal to clear up your palate and aid digestion, or as a Five o’clock tea to freshen yourself up after the exhausting day. Contains high theine content (tea caffeine), vitamins and minerals.

Processing: The leaves are bruised after harvesting to extract juices and start the fermentation. Once the oxidation is stopped, tea artisans bake the leaves on charcoal and roll into small balls.

Calming GABA Oolong

  • Unique functional green tea with high levels of Gamma-aminobutyric acid or GABA with proven health benefits.
  • Special oxidation process without any oxygen results in high GABA levels in tea leaves. The process was invented by Japanese scientist and perfected by Taiwanese tea crafters.
  • In its early stage of production, GABA tea had a very bitter taste, so even though its health benefits were well acknowledged, it wasn’t widely accepted in the market.
  • Our farmers have devoted years into researching different techniques to create the fine fancy flavor. They’ve changed the processing method to roasting and baking, and creates the excellent fruity taste now unique to this particular GABA oolong tea.

Leaves: Deep green-brown rolled shaped balls

Oxidation: High

Color: Brownish-yellow

Tasting notes: Full bodied with fruity flavor.

Mood/benefits: Anytime when you need to relax & wind down, before bed to promote good sleep. GABA oolong promotes relaxation and helps with anxiety, stress and insomnia.

Processing: Oxidized in a special way without the use of oxygen