Four Seasons Oolong

Four Seasons Oolong


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Batch 101 // 2018

Tasting notes: Smooth & fresh, full bodied, and floral (orchid & Lily). Four Seasons oolong has a special flower aroma without any bitterness. The liquor is full-bodied and light. Lightly oxidized, Four Seasons oolong combines the unique taste of oolong and green tea.

Mood/benefit: Suitable to be enjoyed at all times, especially after lunch or dinner to help digestion and prevent food coma.

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Leaves: Green rolled shaped balls

Color: Golden Amber

Oxidation: low

Processing: All harvesting is done in one day from the early morning till night. The bud with one young leaf and two mature leaves are harvested and left to wither in the sun then moved indoor for further oxidization.  Leaves are then pan-fried to fully stop the oxidization and being compressed and broken up repeatedly for leaves to extract the juices adequately and evenly. Finally, they are dried and rolled into tiny balls.