Fire Roasted Oolong

Fire Roasted Oolong


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Batch 102 // 2018

Tasting notes: Fresh flavor with a touch of roasted barley, full-bodied with a sweet long aftertaste. This tea has been lightly roasted to preserve the taste and freshness.

Mood/Benefits: A great choice after a meal to clear up your palate and aid digestion, or as a Five o’clock tea to freshen yourself up after the exhausting day. Contains high theine content (tea caffeine), vitamins and minerals.

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Color: Bright yellow

Leaves: Deep green rolled shaped balls

Oxidation: Low (25%)

Roasting: Light (30%)

Processing: The leaves are bruised after harvesting to extract juices and start the fermentation. Once the oxidation is stopped, tea artisans bake the leaves on charcoal and roll into small balls.


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