Holiday Gift Set - Loose Leaf

Holiday Gift Set - Loose Leaf


Makes a great gift for every tea lover!

Celebrate the festivities with our holiday box- A cup of warm comfort

We are delighted to offer these special edition designs to celebrate the holiday season. Available as a pack of 2, you'll receive Honey Black Oolong and Calming GABA.


  • Honey Black Oolong 1oz: Natural strong honey aroma with no bitterness, with boldness of black tea and depth of oolong. Taste is more delicate and elegant compared to Indian tea.

  • Calming GABA Oolong 2oz: Full bodied with fruity flavor.

More about our tea:

Honey Black Oolong:

Batch 104 // 2018 Winter

Mood/benefit: Good for warming you up in the early morning or as a dessert tea paired with your favorite afternoon sweets/pastries.  Honey Black Oolong is warming and invigorating, helpful with digestion, stimulating the brain activity and increasing vitality.

Calming GABA Oolong:

Batch 902 // 2018 Winter

Mood/benefits: Anytime when you need to relax & wind down, before bed to promote good sleep. GABA oolong promotes relaxation and helps with anxiety, stress, and insomnia.

  • ** read more about GABA tea, click here ***

    • Unique functional Oolong tea with high levels of Gamma-aminobutyric acid or GABA with proven health benefits

    • Our farmers have devoted years into researching different techniques to create the fine flavor. They’ve altered the processing method to roasting and baking, which creates the excellent fruity taste now unique to this particular GABA oolong tea

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