What is single origin?

When you see the word single origin what does that mean?

Single origin tea is a tea that has a single region of origin, produced specifically in a named tea estate or sub-region of a country. The region in which a tea is grown can influence a tea's flavor in many profound ways. Geographical factors such as climate and soil shape how the a tea tastes. Similar to drinking wine, single origin is an important label in which some specific region is renowned for a special quality and the name of the place becomes the indicator of a certain standard. Think of it like Bordeaux for wine or Luzon for mangoes. Single origin tea is different from a blend tea, which combines teas produced in different regions or countries. When drinking blend tea, you won't know about how the tea is produced. You also wouldn't know if the tea you're drinking is produced in an environmentally sound manner, or in a way that protects the rights of workers and garden owners. Therefore, at esteemed, we like taking the high road by only crafting single origin teas and putting our teas in the hands of a trusted few.