Let's Talk About Teapots 🍵

How to Use A Teapot?

Add water repeatedly to tea leaves to create multiple infusions. Chinese style tea pots usually have small holes at the bottom, which act as natural strainer. Western style ones have baskets that sit in the mouth of the pot that allow a finer strain. Both kinds of teapots are suitable for holding Esteemed teas, as they can both be used for whole leaf teas. However, it is important to ensure whole leaves have plenty of room for expansion. Compressing large amounts of tea leaves in a small infuser will sacrifice flavor. We recommend removing tea from the pot after 2-3 mins of infusing in hot water.

Advantages of Using Teapots 👍🏻

When you brew tea in a mug, after a leaving out for a while it becomes bitter and concentrated. Teapots normally have several small holes at the bottom, creating a natural strainer. Teapots allow you to pour out the brewed tea and separate the tea from the leaves, avoiding the bitterness. The lid on the teapot is also great for heat retention. The higher the heat, the easier it is for tea leaves to release its flavors, allowing you to have greater control over the flavor of your brew.