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Our Tea

We chose to source single origin oolong teas from Taiwan for one simple reason: they are the most traditional, complex, and extraordinary teas in the world. With unique terroir and skillful production, they will take you on a flavourful journey of discovering all the nuances of single origin teas.


Why Taiwan

Unlike most of other tea producing countries, Taiwan is quite simple in the terms of tea types and unbelievably complicated in flavors and scents. From charcoal baked teas to bug-bitten oolongs and greens, exquisite floras selection from the top of Taiwanese mountains and natural milky flavors and textures found in pure leaves, tea from Taiwan is a perfect choice for both tea amateurs and tea connoisseurs. 



Oolong tea is the most versatile tea category in the world. Unlike un-oxidized green teas and fully oxidized black teas, oolong tea can be oxidized to different levels - from 5-99%. Our goal is to take you on a journey of exploring every single percentage of uniqueness that Taiwanese teas can offer.