Our approach

At Esteemed Tea Co., we're playing it fast and loose by breathing fresh life into the beverage that's long been overcomplicated, overlooked and under appreciated.

Tradition Made Modern

Our approach is steeped in Eastern culture, yet filtered through the lens of modern values for both ease and transparency. For us, your time is valuable and your trust is precious. 

Responsible Sourcing & Radical Transparency

To drive transparency in everything we do, Esteemed offers our consumer real-time product tracking. Through a batch number system, our consumers are able to obtain information about the source, timeline, and tasting profile for the tea. Our goal is to offer all information in the simplest and fastest way. 

Seasonal and Limited

Single-Origin teas are unique in their tastes. Unlike blends that mix different teas or from different years to maintain similar taste, single-origin teas will allow you to truly experience the diversity of teas produced in different regions.

All of our teas are sourced seasonally in limited quantity. We only select the best batch of tea at the harvesting season.

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