Tea & Wine



No other two plants in the world are so similar and so different at the same time, as tea and wine. Adopting the estate system made loose leaf tea easily recognizable and transparent in terms of quality and production.

Terroir, a French word describing unique weather conditions, soil and geographical location, is unavoidable when sourcing premium single origin teas. While all tea is made from the same plant called Camellia Sinensis, the use of specific varietals determines the final taste, color, appearance and scent of tea. Just like with wine, there are many varietals to choose from, and the choice, skills and techniques of the producer will result in a good or bad tea. There are many steps in creating a premium tea. Harvesting leaves at the perfect moment will determine the sweetness and flavor of tea. Withering, bruising, oxidation, fixation, shaping and drying, all need to be conducted in a skillful and knowledgeable way, where every extra or missing hour, or a moment of distraction will make a difference.

True tea aficionados are called connoisseur, and just like with wine, they are able to tell every single nuance of both flavor profile and growing conditions.  Esteemed is determined to take you on a journey of becoming a connoisseur yourself, and discover enormous possibilities of a single tea plant.

tea appreciationIrene Hsu