Storing Tea:

Tea leaves should be stored without exposure to direct sun light and air ( yes, no clear packages). All of our teas are stored in conditions that will best preserve their freshness. Our individual tea bags are filled with nitrogen that help preserve the freshness, integrity, and quality of the delivered product. Our tin cans and refill bag enclose vacuum-sealed packets that also help preserving taste of teas and prolongs shelf life.

Please note that roasted oolong tea, black tea can be preserved longer than lighter teas such as green tea and four season. Teas with lighter taste tend to react more rapidly upon the exposure to air.



E.T.C. take pride in sourcing directly from our tea farmers, which not only allow us ensure utmost product quality and freshness, but cutting out middle men also guarantees our competitive pricing in the marketplace with tea of same level of quality. 



There is nothing happier than knowing people appreciate our product. We take pride in promoting quality drinks and healthy lifestyle. Please contact: hello@esteemedteaco.com directly for questions and inquiry.

Thank you :)