Ruby Oolong
Ruby Oolong
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Ruby Oolong

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Ruby Oolong

(12 Tea Bags)

Aroma: Caramelized fruit

Taste: Smooth and fresh with a hint of sweetness

Shape: Half ball


Ruby Oolong carries hints of wood and earth, and its unique sweet flavors will linger on your tongue. While brewing, the delicious aromas will sooth and re-energize you in no time.


The special processing method for Ruby Oolong creates complex flavor profiles, which makes it taste significantly different from traditional black tea and oolong tea. This precious tea, with its bright orange color, will strike you with the caramel taste of black tea and finishes with the light sweetness of oolong.


Our team has handpicked our Ruby Oolong from Taidong Luyeh, farmed by one of the first organic certified farmers in Taiwan. The eco-friendly farming method has helped recover the fertility and liveliness of the land.

Type: Oolong Tea Bag

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