Premium Loose Leaf

Premium Loose Leaf

We source seasonally in small batch to ensure our teas are in good quality. Unlike many other brands who source their many different types of teas through a third party, our direct relationship with the farmers help us secure the best quality teas in each season and allow us to give back directly to these farmers who spent years perfecting growing, harvesting, roasting teas. 

The teas we curated, are real single-origin teas that were traditionally reserved for the tea connoisseurs in Asia. We now introduce them to the North American market hoping to broaden people's experience with the "real tea".

Ruby Oolong

From $784.00

Honey Black Oolong

From $560.00

Calming GABA

From $672.00

Fire Roasted Oolong

From $784.00

Four Seasons Oolong

From $504.00