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Honey Black Oolong
Honey Black Oolong
Honey Black Oolong
Honey Black Oolong
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Honey Black Oolong

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Tasting notes: Natural strong honey aroma with no bitterness, with boldness of black tea and depth of oolong. Taste is more delicate and elegant compared to Indian tea.

Mood/benefit: Good for warming you up in the early morning or as a dessert tea paired with your favorite afternoon sweets/pastries.  Honey Black Oolong is warming and invigorating, helpful with digestion, stimulating the brain activity and increasing vitality.

Leaves: Golden red-brown, wide and slightly twisted leaves. Leaf hopper-bitten leaves are a bit yellow and curly.  

Color: Clear, bright red, different from the very dark brew of mass-market Indian black tea.

Oxidation: Very high

Processing: Processed in the same way as black tea with skipping the regular oolong processing steps of solar withering and pan-frying to allow the full fermentation. Therefore, this heavily oxidized tea has a very dark color.


Type: Oolong Tea Bag

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